Sunday, 23 June 2013

Our first ‘March Hare Collective Guest Blog’ is from Caroline Blake

Caroline Blake

I would describe my mixed media work as “vivid nature”, as it’s all about colour which I make vibrant, pearlescent or fluorescent and I love to embellish with jewels and glitter. The paints are applied onto board lined with tissue paper which I crease in an individual way for every piece, giving a textured 3D effect. My latest obsession is to apply tiny beads to the crevices of the tissue to create an interesting terrain. 

I am a stickler for placing my gems and beads in the right places and will sometimes be seen hoovering my paintings if I am not happy with a stray bead.
The titles of my current paintings are rather tongue-in-cheek; I enjoy playing with the word "tree”, which is worked into the title.
I am a self-taught painter inspired by my maternal grandfather who was a member of the Royal Academy.
I am able to offer commissions and if you love particular colours I can create something personal for a special room.

Five adjectives that sum up my ethos and work are:

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