Monday, 5 August 2013

March Hare Collective Guest Blog - Naomi Brangwyn

All my work is inspired by nature - sea and landscapes, on occasions I sneak a beach hut into the panel, sometimes I'm inspired by a wild corner or a muddy patch.  Often the inspiration comes from the glass - lately I seem obsessed with the sun - I bought a large sheet of swirly red/orange/clear glass that just demands to be turned into a sunset.

I'm a professional glass artist of 12 years experience - over the years I've gone from evening class, to utility-end-of-the-kitchen to garden studio, I now dedicate the whole of the ground floor of my house to my art.  One room is filled with work bench (set high as I stand pretty much all the time), a huge range of glass, a wide selection of tools - grinder, glass cutter, foiling tools, soldering iron, an array of pliers for breaking glass and other tools for working metals (a regular appearance in my work). 

My second room makes a good display space for finished work, somewhere to put commissions when awaiting customer approval, storage for my teaching equipment, and a second teaching room when students need to spread out. Finally the all‑important utility area for washing panels, adding acid patina, polishing - and especially for the endless hand washing!

My glass work literally stands out - often built up with layers of glass, and sometimes with gaps between the pieces.  A range of prices for all budgets -suncatchers, wall panels, windows and doors.  Commissions regularly undertaken.

Delicate - yet robust - colourful - contrasting - layered

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