Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One of our new members of the March Hare Collective has created this very wonderful March Hare Collective poster and we are delighted!

Here is some more information about upto20words as our guest blogger...

Rachel & Simon Gilles offer a personalised and completely bespoke service with their brilliant and contemporary designed posters. 

"The idea came from my day job as a freelance designer and a passion for typography on a daily basis. 
The only tools I use are me and my Apple Mac in the office at home.
The personalised posters seem particularly popular, and we've had some great feedback from customers so far.
Whenever I have an idea for a print I start scribbling related words down, and doodling any ideas for additional illustrations. We recently returned from a trip to New York, so I'm currently in the process of making this into a poster."

With a bit more time and the right facilities, I would love to start screenprinting some of my posters, which could open up a bigger variety of papers, colours and of course texture. Branching out from posters, I think possibly T-shirts, mugs and items such as tea towels could work well once we become more established.


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