Friday, 22 November 2013

Our next March Hare guest blog is from photographer, Wendy Knipe. 

My name is Wendy Knipe and I trade under the names PhotoNameFrame and WeeKee Images ( and 

All the work I produce is based around my photography; I have always carried a camera (my family are dedicated "snapshotters") and have recorded my travels and local nature in photographic form for as long as I can remember.

I love the architecture of East Anglia, from timber framed cottages to stately homes, village churches to magnificent cathedrals. I began to see that features of the architecture could create recognisable shapes - letters of the alphabet - and so the idea for PhotoNameFrame was born.

Having created an 'Architectural Alphabet', a commission for a different type of PhotoNameFrame led to me looking more closely at the gardens, woodland and forest of the region to find the alphabet in trees.  I love looking for 'my' letters wherever I go.

WeeKee Images (weekees is our childhood word for ears, but also links to my initials) was born out of the idea that my photographs could stand alone, not just as part of a NameFrame and so I started to produce, prints, greeting cards and lately fridge magnets and keyrings featuring a variety of my images. The greeting cards in particular are very popular, especially those, for some reason, that have "wicked" humour in their taglines!!

I do my own printing and work from my spare bedroom/ dumping room at home. My framing is done by the excellent Peter Richardson in Old Buckenham, Norfolk.

Five adjectives to sum up my ethos and work? : random, unique, organised, imaginative, humorous

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